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Top Rated Colorado Storm Damage Repair

At Native Roofing & Construction, we pride ourselves on offering the premier storm damage repair services in Colorado, a state known for its challenging weather conditions. Our process begins with a thorough assessment to identify all forms of damage, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Our skilled team is equipped to handle repairs ranging from minor fixes to major restorations, using only the highest quality materials and advanced techniques. We're committed not just to restoring properties but also to enhancing their resilience against future storms through sustainable and preventive measures.

Navigating the aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with insurance claims. That's where we come in. Native Roofing & Construction provides comprehensive assistance with insurance claims, helping our clients secure the maximum benefits and making the repair process as seamless as possible. Our customer-centric approach means we maintain open communication, ensuring our clients are informed and involved every step of the way.

Our deep understanding of Colorado's unique climate challenges, combined with our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, sets us apart. Whether it's through our sustainable repair practices, our expertise in handling insurance claims, or our dedication to exceeding client expectations, Native Roofing & Construction is your trusted partner in restoring peace of mind and security after the storm.

About Native Roofing & Construction

Discover the pinnacle of roofing excellence at Native Roofing and Construction, your go-to experts based in the heart of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Nestled at 4840 Van Gordon St, Unit 400, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, we stand as the beacon of unmatched craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction in the greater Colorado area.

Our team, a blend of certified and experienced professionals, is committed to delivering a broad spectrum of roofing and construction services tailored for both residential and commercial needs. Whether you're drawn to the classic charm of shingle roofs or the sleek modernity of metal and flat roofing systems, we're equipped to bring your vision to life with precision and flair.

At Native Roofing and Construction, we pride ourselves on a customer-centric approach. From the moment you reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate, to the meticulous final inspection, your peace of mind is our top priority. Our mission is to ensure a smooth, transparent, and hassle-free experience that exceeds your expectations at every turn.

Rooted in the principles of safety, integrity, and reliability, we uphold the highest industry standards to ensure your project's success. Our steadfast commitment to these values has earned us the title of Colorado's top-rated roofing company—a distinction we strive to maintain with each project.

By choosing Native Roofing and Construction, you're not just hiring a roofing company; you're partnering with a team that cares deeply about protecting and enhancing your property. Ready to tackle everything from storm damage repair to complete roof replacements and new construction projects, we're here to offer expert guidance and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Let's embark on this journey together. Contact us today at (303) 579-7774 and discover why we're Wheat Ridge, Colorado's leading roofing specialists. Visit us at 4840 Van Gordon St, Unit 400, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, and experience the Native Roofing and Construction difference—where quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Roofing Services

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Roof Replacement

Native Roofing and Construction excels in roof replacement, offering top-notch solutions tailored to your property's needs. Our expert team uses the finest materials and cutting-edge techniques for a durable and aesthetically pleasing result. Whether upgrading for better performance or replacing an old roof, we ensure a smooth, satisfying experience. For a roof that lasts and adds curb appeal, trust us. Call (303) 579-7774 for exceptional service that goes above and beyond.

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Roof Repair

At Native Roofing and Construction, we specialize in efficient and reliable roof repair services. Our team tackles everything from minor leaks to major damage, using top-quality materials to ensure your roof’s integrity and longevity. Whether due to aging or the elements, we're equipped to swiftly restore your roof's condition. For expert repairs that safeguard your home, call us at (303) 579-7774.

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Hail Damage Repair

At Native Roofing and Construction, we're experts in repairing hail damage, quickly bringing your roof back to its original state after Colorado's unpredictable storms. Our skilled team carefully evaluates and repairs hail damage, using the best materials and methods for lasting durability and protection. Count on us for detailed and efficient service that maintains your roof's integrity and extends its life.

Fixing the Roof

Storm Damage Repair

At Native Roofing and Construction, we specialize in fixing storm damage, ensuring your roof recovers quickly from Colorado's harsh weather. Our team expertly handles repairs from wind, rain, and hail damage, focusing on restoring both safety and appearance. With top-notch materials and techniques, we not only repair your roof but also strengthen it against future storms. Count on us for skilled storm damage repair that keeps your home secure and looking great, no matter the weather.

Roof Shingles

Residential Roofing

Expert residential roofing services tailored to your home's specific needs are what we deliver. We prioritize quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your roof not only offers protection but also enhances your property's visual charm. From installation and replacement to repairs, we use the best materials and advanced techniques to ensure your roof stands the test of time. Trust in a smooth and satisfying experience that secures peace of mind and boosts your home's curb appeal.

Drilling Metal

Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roofing services cater specifically to businesses, offering durable, efficient, and attractive roofing solutions. With an emphasis on energy efficiency and minimal operational disruption, we handle everything from flat roofs to metal roofing, designed for the demands of commercial use. Whether you need a new installation, replacement, or maintenance, our expert team ensures your roofing project enhances your building’s functionality and appeal. Choose us for reliable and professional commercial roofing that supports your business's success.

Switching Roofs

Emergency Roofing

Our emergency roofing services offer quick, dependable solutions for sudden roofing issues, such as leaks or storm damage. With a team ready to respond swiftly, we aim to minimize damage and restore your roof's integrity fast. Available 24/7, we provide immediate assistance and expert repairs to ensure your property is protected in urgent situations. Trust us for fast and effective emergency roofing support when you need it most.

Roofer at Work

Industrial Roofing

Our industrial roofing services are crafted for the unique demands of industrial environments, offering robust, high-performance solutions. We ensure your facility's roof can handle heavy operations, chemical exposure, and extreme weather. Our experts use advanced materials and technologies for maximum protection and longevity. Whether it's for new installations, repairs, or maintenance, we deliver safety, efficiency, and operational continuity. Choose our industrial roofing for a durable solution that supports your facility's success.

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Storm Damage Repair FAQ

What is considered storm damage to a roof?

Storm damage to a roof encompasses a range of issues caused by adverse weather conditions such as hailstorms, heavy rain, intense winds, and snow accumulation. Common indicators include broken or missing shingles, which expose the roof to water damage; leaks that can lead to internal water damage; dents or damages to roofing accessories like vents and gutters; and compromised roof flashing, which can affect the roof's waterproofing integrity. It's essential to identify these damages early to prevent further deterioration of your roofing system and underlying structures.

How do I know if my roof has storm damage?

Identifying storm damage to your roof involves looking for several key signs. Missing or damaged shingles, noticeable leaks, or water stains on ceilings and walls inside your home are clear indicators. Additionally, check for dents on gutters, vents, or flashing, and debris accumulation on the roof or in gutters, which can obstruct water flow and cause damage. For a comprehensive assessment, consider hiring a professional roofing inspector, especially after a severe storm, to ensure all damage is accurately identified and addressed.

How much does it cost to repair storm damage to a roof?

The cost of repairing storm damage to a roof can vary significantly based on the damage's severity and the necessary repairs. Minor repairs, such as replacing a few shingles, might cost from $250 to $600, while more substantial repairs like fixing water damage or replacing large sections of the roof can range from $600 to $3,000. For extensive damage requiring a full roof replacement, costs can escalate to $10,000 or more, depending on the roof size, materials used, and labor costs. Obtaining multiple quotes from reputable roofing contractors can help ensure you get a fair and accurate estimate for the required repairs.

How do I protect my roof from storm damage?

Protecting your roof from storm damage involves several proactive steps. Regular maintenance is crucial; this includes cleaning gutters and downspouts to prevent water backup, trimming tree branches that could fall on the roof, and conducting periodic inspections to spot and fix minor issues before they escalate. Investing in impact-resistant shingles and considering the installation of a secondary water barrier can also enhance your roof's resilience. Additionally, reinforcing the roof structure, such as securing loose shingles and ensuring proper attic ventilation, can significantly increase your roof's ability to withstand severe weather. Taking these preventive measures can help safeguard your roof against the elements, potentially saving you money and hassle in the long run.

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